©2018 by Tamara Kennedy.

Health, wellness and fitness expert, Tamara Kennedy, has one goal: to inspire, empower and encourage women. 


I AM, will be your ultimate guide to thrive in life and all aspects of health, wellness and fitness; helping you to nourish yourself from the inside, be physically active, to find happiness in all aspects of your life and learn to love and be kind to yourself through positive body image and positive mindset. 


I AM is an interactive 8 week wellness and wellbeing guide that can be thrown in your bag while you’re out and about, or sit on your bedside table at home. It’s there to remind you of the amazing, strong and powerful woman you are, and to give you space to document your own personal journey. This book is is a personal reminder to be the best possible version of you. It’s life changing, inspiring and empowering, and will help you to live a healthy, happy and positive life.


We all know what we need to do to live well, but we often forget our core values, true purpose and the actions required to make them happen. Tamara has written I AM to not only inspire you to thrive and promote all aspects of wellness, but to help teach you how to believe in yourself and that you are totally worth investing in each and every day.

I AM by Tamara Kennedy